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Our logo represents the fusion of American and Eastern cultures. The plus sign represents our beyond traditional mindset --- synergy is our delivery.

Sample work.
At FUSIA, we take pride in our vision and strive to put value into everything we do. Being imaginative and cutting edge will satisfy most people. We are that and more – not only can we dream it up, we can get it done on a tight deadline.

Community Connection: We know the communities so well because of one simple fact - we're a part of them. We take pride in our vast community network and local knowledge. Over the years having worked with so many community organizations, we have accumulated a wealth of connections and local knowledge. Our strong community connection adds that much more value to what we deliver.

Cultural Knowledge: Cross-cultural is what we do. It's also who we are. Our cultural knowledge goes beyond fact sheets and Census reports and our ethnic market expertise offers a distinctive advantage and a pioneering perspective on building strong brand products. With our innate understanding and proven track record, we ensure every message is delivered with cultural awareness and sensitivity. We speak the language and also the culture.

In-House Capability: From research, content creation, to production, everything is done in-house which allows us to maintain the highest fidelity in our ideas, as well as to deliver in a timely and efficient fashion.

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