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This section provides guidance for completing host application and DS-7002 form (Training/Internship Placement Plan or T/IPP). FUSIA’s host application and DS7002 form are submitted through Main Program Supervisor (MPS/POC)'s online account.

Click on and above each submission field/button for individual instructions.
“EV” stands for “exchange visitors.”
Host name
Host code
Site name
Supervisor's title
Supervisor's business email
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Work onsite?
Main program supervisor (MPS/POC)
Primary phase supervisor (PPS)
Works fulltime for the host?
Founding year
Fulltime staff onsite
WC carrier’s name
Primary business activity
Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy for staff
Workers compensation policy for exchange visitors
Annual revenue
Website URL
WC policy’s expiry
Non-monetary compensation
Training/internship field
Exchange visitor's internship hours per week
Phase site address
Phase name
Phase start and end dates
Phase site name and address
Description of trainee/intern's role
Provide a high-level overview of this phase/program, e.g., what's the purpose, what's EV's role in this phase/program, what s/he will learn in this phase/program, what are his/her main responsibilities to reach the program/phase objectives, how the internship will complement his/her field of study. Be clear and concise. Write a minimum of two to three sentences in paragraph format.
Specific goals and objectives for this program or phase
Describe precisely what the training/internship will accomplish for the EV. Focus on high-level goals and objectives, i.e., what the EV will learn to accomplish goals, not what s/he will do for the organization. Write a minimum of two to three goals in bullet points or paragraph format.
Please list the names and titles of those who will provide continuous supervision, including the primary supervisor
List all staff members (i.e., Main Program Supervisor (MPS/POC), Primary Phase Supervisor (PPS), and any supporting mentors) who will be involved with the supervision of the EV. Describe their educational background, work experience, and prior supervisory experience in training interns. Both MPS/POC and PPS require proper educational and professional backgrounds. PPS' educational and/or professional background must be relevant to the EV's training/internship field. Ensure that EV is not working autonomously (continuous onsite supervision is required).
What plans are in place for the trainee/intern to participate in cultural activities in the US
Write a paragraph to describe how the EV is exposed to US culture both in and out of the office. For examples, list a few cultural activities that your organization will facilitate for the EV, company happy hours, team lunches, discounted tickets to sporting events or museums, company sponsored volunteer events, holiday parties, and so on.
What specific knowledge, skills, or techniques will be learned?
Provide specific knowledge, skills, and techniques to be covered in this program/phase by elaborating upon the goals and objectives listed previously. Be descriptive and specific. You may group the specific items in different categories then list the items in different categories. Do not simply list the general categories. Write at least two to three sets of knowledge and skills plus examples.
How specifically will these knowledge, skills, or techniques be taught?
Describe how the skills and objectives in the earlier questions will be achieved, e.g., one-on-one mentoring, seminars, classroom training, shadowing the primary supervisor, participating in department meetings. Write a minimum of two to three goals in bullet points or paragraph format.
How will the Trainee/Intern’s acquisition of new skills and competencies be measured?
Describe how EV's program/phase/progress is/are evaluated (metrics, tools, and/or methods), e.g., weekly progress meetings, daily status report, periodic appraisals, one-on-one weekly meetings with the supervisor, written evaluation, etc. Give examples. If the program involves multiple phases, emphasize how EV acquires new knowledge/skills in the next phases.
Additional phase remarks
This field is optional. If there is any information that is not covered elsewhere but host would like reviewer to be aware of, include it in this section, e.g., a breakdown of the nonmonetary compensation (if applicable), dress down and free lunch every Friday, and possible moving from one location to another during the program .
Related work experience
Work location