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I’ve Arrived, What’s Next?
Upon your arrival in the States, complete the check-in and validation tasks to maintain your immigration status. Failure to do so within the specified time frame will result in cancellation of the record in SEVIS [22 CFR Part CFR 62.13].
Key takeaway
After landing, complete the check-in process and attend a post-arrival orientation within the specified timeframe. Your arrival will then be validated in the SEVIS database.

Step 1 Stay in a hotel/Airbnb for the first few days and activate your US phone plan
Step 2 Download admission records - click HERE
Step 3 Submit your US address (with proof), phone number, Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record and entry chop via within 72 hours
Step 4 Meet with the landlords to discuss terms, inspect the premises, and finalize local address
Step 5 Attend post-arrival orientation and update local address (if changed) and address proof within 14 days after arrival

This validation notifies Department of Homeland Security that you have arrived and begun your J-1 internship program and change your SEVIS record from “Initial” to “Active.”