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The following lists the document required for each participant application. Generate the full version with populated data through the user’s online panel.
The Certification of English Language Proficiency ( consists of information to confirm that the prospective participant’s English proficiency meets the DOS requirements as per CFR 22 Part 62.10(a)(2). This document consists of populated data from the application panel. Complete Part F before generating it.
Step 1 Objective measurement. Sponsors normally verify applicants’ English language proficiency “through a recognized English language test.” FUSIA uses a list of examinations as stated below to assess the English proficiency of applicants and to permit the undertaking of their programs.

Select the “objective measurement” the participant uses to meet such requirements in Part F of the application panel. If #15 is selected, have Part C of this document completed (in place of PDF #10).

If the participant hasn’t taken any of the listed exams but “was born and grew up” in Australia, Belize, Botswana, Canada (except Quebec), Commonwealth Caribbean, Ghana, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, or Zimbabwe, they may select #16 and submit an alternative English test transcript/proof. In such a case, consult with FUSIA to determine which alternate test to use before submitting.

Step 2 Written proficiency. The success of the program relies significantly on the applicant’s English proficiency. Complete Part F of the application panel by writing a self-introduction. This piece (1) demonstrates the applicant’s written proficiency in English and (2) supports their application for the program acceptance decision. Reference the sample on page 4.

Step 3 Oral proficiency. If “objective measurement #15” is selected, submit PDF #9 with both Parts A and B completed by the participant and Part C completed by a qualified representative from the participant’s school (preferred). Contact FUSIA for assistance if such option isn’t available.

Step 4 Complete and submit proof. Ensure that PDF #10 (1) is official, (2) shows a score that equals or exceeds the minimum requirement, and (3) shows necessary information (i.e., applicant’s name, English test name, score, and date) for validation. If the examination has expired, briefly explain in “Expired #10 for waiver.” Keep the original of PDF #10 for the visa interview.

If #1-14 is selected, submit PDF #9 (this document) with Parts A and B filled along with doc #10 (evidence)
If #15 is selected, submit PDF #9 with Parts A-C filled
If #16 is selected, submit PDFs #9 and #10 and proof to support that the applicant “grew up” there