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#13Health Insurance Verification FormPDFReturnURL
The following lists the document required for each participant application. Generate the full version with populated data through the user’s online panel.
The Health Insurance Verification Form ( consists of medical insurance related information to support the prospective participant’s compliance with the program rules and federal regulations as per 22 CFR Part 62.14.
Step 1 Select own or TaiAn policy. Participants may purchase insurance (1) on their own or (2) one from TaiAn, an American insurance company based in Carmel, Indiana - click HERE. If the latter, “TaiAn Patriot Exchange (Plan B)” is the most popular plan (age below 25, $49 to $62 a month) among past participants. Insurance in the US is complex. Click HERE for a quick walkthrough on US healthcare.

Step 2 Submit proof (before program acceptance). Sponsors must implement effective review process to ensure that participants’ health insurance policy meets the requirements. To ensure that participants purchase the right insurance and understand such requirements, they should (1) complete Part A (of this document) as per the insurance policy they intend to purchase, (2) review Part C, (3) sign the last page (#13), and (4) submit the signed/filled PDF and proof via buttons #13 and #15. Do not secure the policy until after program acceptance decision is made.

#13 Health Insurance Verification Form - With Part A filled and the last page signed

#15 Health Insurance Verification Proof - If purchasing from TaiAn, upload this letter. If purchasing insurance on their own, submit (1) a letter or equivalent for verification issued by their insurance company/licensed agent or (2) proof (e.g., benefit summary) annotated with numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3..., 8) next to each line/paragraph relevant to the eight statements in Part A of this document.

Step 3 Secure and submit (after program acceptance). Secure health insurance that corresponds to the answers in Part A of this document, and submit proof of purchase (“certificate of insurance” or equivalent) via button #14. Enter the “entry-to-exit” coverage period and submit proof of coverage at least five business days prior to the visa interview (or entry to the US for Canadians).

• If the participant changes their mind and purchases another insurance, update PDFs #13 and #15 as well
• If purchasing from TaiAn, purchase via this website
• Ensure that #14 includes the participant’s name, policy #, underwriter, and insurance company’s contact information
• If the program duration is less than three months, the initial proof must last through to their US departure date
• If it is longer than three months, the coverage must span at least the first three months of the program duration

Exchange visitors are required to secure and maintain medical insurance policy that meets the DOS’s requirements. Failure to comply with DOS and the sponsors’ requirements on health insurance will result in immediate termination of the J-1/J-2 status. To avoid being terminated due to delayed submissions of PDF #14 with the new expiration date two weeks before it expires, participants are strongly suggested to purchase “entry to exit” health insurance upfront.

Step 4 Show continued coverage. If PDF #14 doesn’t span through the participant’s US exit date, the participant must resubmit PDF #14 at least two weeks before it expires. If the participant’s departure date from the US is delayed (and is within the 30-day grace period), they should submit insurance policy with the updated coverage end date aligned with the new US exit date.

#14 Health Insurance Certificate - Click the lock icon above the button to initiate the amendment process