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#18Financial Sufficiency Form
Pursuant to 22 CFR Part 62.12(b)(1), participants must have “adequate financial resources to participate in and complete his or her exchange visitor program” and “to support an accompanying spouse and dependents, if any.” Complete this document to confirm that the applicant has sufficient funds to support themselves (and any J-2 dependents) and has a clear picture of the associated costs.
This document consists of important information pertaining to the applicant’s financial information. Please complete it carefully and truthfully as they will be used not only to verify their financial sufficiency but also be reported to SEVIS and printed on their Form DS-2019. Once completed, upload necessary proofs in PDF format via the application panel. This document consists of populated data from the application panel. Confirm the “program period” and fill “EV receives a stipend,” “If yes, amount,” and “Per” in Part B of the Form DS-7002 panel before generating PDF #18.

Step 1 Indicate the minimum funds

Indicate the minimum funds required for this program USD (minimum requirement). Incoming exchange visitors through FUSIA are required to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover all living expenses throughout the program period in the US.

USD 425.00 x (#) program weeks = USD (minimum requirement)
USD 212.50 x __________ program weeks x 1 J-2 spouse = USD __________
USD 106.25 x __________ program weeks x __________ J-2 minors = USD __________

PDF #18 Financial Sufficiency Form
PDF #19 Financial Sufficiency Proofs (as per step 2)