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#26Billing StatementPDFReturnURL
The Billing Statement ( provides detailed explanations of the fees/expenses, refund policy, etc. associated with foreign nationals’ participation in BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) Exchange Visitor Program, administered by DOS-designated program sponsor FUSIA under the name of “the Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP)” or “(the) program,” as a participant or J-1 intern.
Step 1 Get ready. Go over the information and terms in this document. Sign the prospective participant’s name on the last page to confirm (1) their understanding of the itemized costs and possible expenses associated with their participation in the program, and (2) their acceptance to the fee/payment/refund related terms and conditions. See below for the itemized fees (USD):

Program administration:

Amount due:

Note that if their program is being cancelled on the grounds of “program termination,” prospective participants shall leave the US immediately at their own expenses. For authorized program shortening, they may leave the US during the “grace period.” Any fees charged by FUSIA are nontransferable and nonnegotiable. Full advance payment is required. Once paid, no fees can be used toward another participant, transferred to anyone else's credit, or postponed to a later start date. Shortening the program duration or opting out of a cost item shall not reduce the amount of the program fee.

Step 2 Pay the program fees. Remit the total via (1) money transfer (global or domestic), (2) US bank check (if the participant has a US bank account), or (3) Zelle (if the participant has a US bank account), then upload a copy of the receipt. Indicate the participant’s passport name on the money transfer note and specify to the bank that the payee will be responsible for all associated bank charges. The actual amount received could be less due to charges by the payee’s bank and/or intermediay bank(s). If the payment is received not in full but within 5% of the actual payment, the participant can pay the balance by Zelle after they arrive in the US by their first program week (deadline).

Money transfer: JP Morgan Chase (180 Canal St, New York, NY 10013) | Account Number: 6956 3344 8465 | Routing Number/ABA: 021000021 | SWIFT Code = CHASUS33 | Account Holder: FUSIA Communications, Inc. | Address: 2387 Bell Blvd Ste 5, Bay Terrace NY 11360, USA Zelle: Account Holder: FUSIA Communications, Inc. | Phone number: +1 917 405 5678

Step 3 Complete and submit. To complete the submission process, upload this filled and signed document (#26) and proof, i.e., a copy of the money transfer receipt or equivalent (#30).

#26 Billing Statement (signed)
#30 Money Transfer Receipt