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Flight Tickets

Ensure that the tasks listed below are completed at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure to the US.
How to submit?

Log in the Pre-Departure and complete A by entering the participant’s US arrival and departure itineraries and uploading valid proofs for cross validation.

Step 1 Book the tickets if “book now pay later” option is available
Step 2 Attend the visa interview
Step 3 Secure the fare right after a successful interview
Step 4 Obtain an official confirmation that displays details
Step 5 Fill the necessary fields in A
Step 6 Gather credible proof(s) for cross-validation
Step 7 Upload proofs as PDF format via upload button #36

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to purchase their air tickets immediately upon arrival of their exchange visas. Arrive or depart during daylight hours for safety reasons.
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