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#5School-Issued Student ID (and Graduation Certificate, for recent graduates)PDFReturnURL
The following lists the document required for each participant application. Generate the full version with populated data through the user’s online panel.
The DOS has specific requirements for J-1 intern applicants with regards to their academic backgrounds and qualifications. For compliance screening, complete Part E (and F, if applicable) of the application panel and then submit academic documents to prove the validity of information entered and the applicant/program’s compliance with the federal requirements. This document consists of populated data from the application panel. Complete Part E before generating it.
Step 1 Enter information. Log in and complete Part E of the application panel. Such information must be in line with the applicant’s academic profile based on the postsecondary school they are currently attending or recently graduated from. Applicants who have previously attended another postsecondary school please also complete Part F. Cumulative GPA means the weighted mean value of the courses a student has completed in an academic program. If the applicant’s school uses a different grading system, they should convert it manually and annotate the converted CGPA and the equation next to the score in the transcript (e.g., 3.7 = _ total / _ number of courses taken). Applicants who aren’t able to meet the program’s minimum CGPA requirement (i.e., 2.3/4.0 or above) should provide a brief statement to explain in Part E.

Step 2 Gather and submit proofs. Gather qualified school-issued/endorsed proofs which allows FUSIA to verify the applicant’s postsecondary academic profile as shown in Part E of the application panel. If the file has more than one page, combine all pages in one PDF. Such proofs (original documents) may be required for US visa application and admission. As such, do not annotate directly on the originals and keep them in a safe place.

#5 School-Issued Student ID - Submit a PDF with the side(s) that show the applicant’s personal information (and photo, if applicable). If the applicant has already graduated, submit a copy of their graduation certificate in place of their student ID.

#6 Official Transcript 1 - Submit a PDF of the applicant’s school transcript. If the applicant doesn’t receive their official transcript in time, they may submit the system-generated unofficial transcript while applying to this program and submit the original when it becomes available. If the school doesn’t issue transcripts until the student has graduated or if the applicant is a freshman who hasn’t received their first transcript, submit upload PDF #7 in place of #PDF 6.

#7 Support Letter or Verification Form - Submit a (option 1) support letter or (option 2) verification form to confirm the applicant/academic program’s compliance with the related US federal regulation. If selecting option 1, obtain an official letter from the school (print it on the school letterhead and have it stamped/signed by a representative from an authorized department). If selecting option 2, submit the verification form signed/filled by the school or participant. If the form is endorsed by the participant, attach the filled form with valid proof.