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Proof of viable US entity & EIN
Submit credible evidence that shows the official name of the prospective host organization and its Employer Identification Number (EIN) to ascertain that the incoming host is a viable entity.
What to comply?

Pursuant 22 CFR Part 62.22(g)(3), sponsors must adequately screen all potential host organizations at which intern(s) will be placed by obtaining the organization’s EIN used for tax purposes along with third party verification of the host organization’s submitted information (e.g., telephone number, address, and professional activity).

How to comply (submit proof in one PDF file)?

Submit a third-party document (e.g., IRS CP 575 EIN confirmation letter) that displays the potential host organization’ EIN and official name to confirm that the potential host organization is a legitimate entity and is appropriately registered or licensed to conduct its activities in its jurisdiction.

If the website does not present necessary information (e.g., telephone number, address, and professional activities), the host may be requested to submit additional third-party documentation for verification.