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22 CFR §62.22 subpart C lists the proram regulations on adjustments to the J-status.
Source: 2018 CFR Annual Print Title 22 Foreign Relations
62.40(a) A sponsor shall terminate an exchange visitor's participation in its program when the exchange visitor:

62.40(a)(1) Fails to pursue the activities for which he or she was admitted to the United States;

62.40(a)(2) Is unable to continue, unless otherwise exempted pursuant to these regulations;

62.40(a)(3) Violates the Exchange Visitor Program regulations and/or the sponsor's rules governing the program, if, in the sponsor's opinion, termination is warranted;

62.40(a)(4) Willfully fails to maintain the insurance coverage required under § 62.14 of these regulations; or

62.40(b) An exchange visitor's participation in the Exchange Visitor Program is subject to termination when he or she engages in unauthorized employment. Upon establishing such violation, the Department of State shall terminate the exchange visitor's participation in the Exchange Visitor Program.