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BridgeUSA Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa) allows FUSIA as a State-Department designated sponsor to bring qualified foreign nationals to intern or be trained in the United States.
Site of activity refers to the physical location where an exchange visitor conducts their training activities. Each exchange intern/trainee has at least one “primary” site of activity. Additional activity locations can be added to the program as “secondary” sites. Each program’s primary site is shown on the first page of Form DS-7002 and Form DS-2019.
”Primary” and “secondary” sites. Each exchange intern/trainee has at least one “primary” site of activity. If activities take place at more than one location, additional locations can be added to the program as “secondary” sites.

• The “primary” site is printed on the first page of Form DS-7002 and Form DS-2019
• Each site is associated with one phase, whether primary or secondary
• If a program has more than one site, then each site would require a separate training phase
• The site of a particular phase can be found on top of “section 4” of the training phase
• If site visitation is required, each listed site would require a separate visit

Site name and address. All site sare recorded in each participant’s SEVIS record, which requires accurate, current, and complete information. When entering the site names and address, ensure that they are in line with the SEVIS guidelines.

• Enter complete address, e.g., include any floor/room and enter “G/F” if it is on the ground floor without specific location
• If the site is a building and activities are held at different floors, enter the floor/suite where the workstation is located
• The primary site’s name and address should be in line with the host information
• Even though a host has multiple sites, the site name of each phase can be the same as the host name
• If you want to identify each site with a different name, then include the name of the host to the site name field, e.g., A Company (X Department), A Company (Y Department)

Requirements. Pursuant to CFR 22 Part 62.22(f)(2)(i), each host requires” sufficient resources, plant, equipment” available to provide the specified program. Click HERE for more.

• Participants are only allowed to engage in activities at predetermined site(s) as reflected on Form DS-7002
• Programs conducted at retail stores, home offices, etc. are absolutely not permitted
• All sites must be located within 25 miles of the participants residence in the US

Amendment. Any changes to the site information requires prior notification to and permission from FUSIA along with completion of the amendment process and payment of the form reissuance fee (and any courier fee) at least 72 hours prior to changes. Significant changes (e.g., changing from one host to another) are not encouraged and may not be permitted.

• Changes to the site name and/or location require updating the SEVIS records and at least Form DS-7002
• If the primary site information is updated, then Form DS-2019 reissuance will also be required
• Each form reissuance instance requires a processing fee
• Significant changes, if permitted, may incur additional processing fees