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Eligibility checklist
This section lists the eligibility criteria for US companies or organizations to host BridgeUSA (J-1) interns sponsored by FUSIA, a State Department-designated sponsor for J-1 internships. Generally, hosts are expected to have already interviewed and identified their prospective foreign intern(s) before contacting us. For assistance on connecting with eligible interns, feel free to contact us via email, Skype (fusia_18), or dial +1 718 643 0311 ext. 18.
Key takeaway
01 US-based entity. Host (a) is a US-based business that has been in business and operational for at least six months, (b) has a website (for third-party verification of phone number, address, and professional activities) and corporate email(s), and (c) has an Employers Identification Number (EIN). [22 CFR Part 62.22(g)(3)(i-ii)] Host is not a home-based business, retail store, or staffing/employment agency.

02 Worker’s compensation. Host has verification of workers’ compensation insurance policy (or an insurance policy that provides equivalent or better workers’ compensation coverage) that covers all FUSIA intern(s) throughout the program period (whether they are paid or not), or evidence of state exemption from requirement of coverage. [22 CFR Part 62.22(g)(3)(iii)]

03 Accepted intern(s). Host has conducted a documented interview via webcam/in-person with and sent an internship offer with specific details (e.g., program dates, compensation, HR policies) to each accepted intern. Host confirms that each intern is (a) actively pursuing studies at a degree- or certificate-granting postsecondary school outside the US or (b) has graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior the program start date.

04 Internship offer. Host confirms that positions filled by FUSIA intern(s) exist primarily to assist them in achieving the objectives of their program. Specifically, each position (a) is tailored to the "entry-level" skills and experience level of each intern; (b) is in the intern’s specific academic field and was tailored to his/her skills and experience level; (c) addresses each interns goals and matches what the intern sought and what s/he hoped to learn while on the program as well as the signed Form DS-7002.

05 Sufficient resources, plant, and equipment. Host’s has sufficient resources, plant, equipment, and trained personnel, specifically, physical location(s) and environment conductive for learning and internship programs. Host consents to a site visit conducted by FUSIA if host has not previously participated successfully in the sponsor’s programs and that has fewer than 25 employees. If applicable, host consents to be charged an advance nonrefundable fee of USD 300 for each site (if a site visit is required)

06 Trained personnel. Host has adequate, experienced, and knowledgeable staff available to provide continuous onsite supervision and mentoring to the intern(s), specifically, host has at least two fulltime staff at each listed "site of activity" and meets FUSIA’s HR requirements as stated in Each program has one Main Program Supervisor (MPS/POC) and each phase has one Primary Phase Supervisor (PPS). Both can be the same person; PPS must have expertise of the internship field of the intern(s) and be accessible to the intern(s) onsite during office hours.

07 Abide by labor laws. Host is FLSA compliant, specifically, (a) a paid intern’s compensation must meet the federal, state, and city’s minimum wage requirement and s/he should receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a work week of at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay, and host should use IRS Form W-4 to pay intern(s) as an "employer" and should not pay intern(s) as a 1099 independent contractor [8 CFR 274a.1(f)]; (b) for an unpaid intern (even if s/he receives a stipend or other subsidies), his/her program must meet the federal, state, and local requirements for unpaid internship and passes the DOL’s seven-point FLSA test for unpaid interns (

08 No displacement of American workers. J-1 interns are nonimmigrants who must leave the United States after the program. Host has no intention to and shall not (a) displace fulltime or parttime or temporary or permanent American workers or serve to fill a labor need or (b) assist any intern in remaining in the US beyond his/her program period by changing his/her visa status or hiring him/her within 90 days after the program has ended. Host affirms that each program is designated for the purpose of education and internship rather than a work program or ordinary employment or the replacement of American workers or to meet labor needs and that the position that the intern fills exists primarily to assist him/her in achieving the objectives of his/her internship and enhance the skills and expertise of the intern in his/her academic or occupational field (accordingly, the offered position(s) is/are not listed on career sites as the same positions for fulltime or parttime employees, and host doesn’t depend upon the work of FUSIA interns to cover routine operation).

09 No unskilled/casual labor positions, clerical work, and staffing agencies. No intern(s) shall be involved or placed in (1) unskilled or casual labor positions ( or in positions that would require or involve childcare, elder care, patient care and/or medical care, or in clinical positions (or engaging in any other kind of work) that would require intern(s) to provide therapy, medication, or other clinical or medical care (e.g., sports or physical therapy, psychological counseling, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, social work, speech therapy, early childhood education), (2) in any position, occupation, or business that could bring the intern, program, sponsor, or the State Department into notoriety or disrepute, or (3) in duties with more than 20 percent clerical work. (4) Further, host shall not work or contract with a staffing or employment agency to recruit, screen, orient, place, evaluate, or train trainees or interns, or in any other way involve such agencies in a BridgeUSA training and internship program. [22 CFR Part 62.22(j)]

10 Expenses. Host shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by host and/or work-related expenses incurred by the intern(s) on behalf of host while on the job.

11 Clerical work and minimum hours. Host confirms that each program involves no more than 20 percent clerical work [22 CFR Part 62.22(j)(4)] and consists of a minimum of 32 hours per week. [22 CFR Part 62.22(f)(1)(iv)]

12 License or certification. No position(s) require any sort of license or certification.