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J-1 program categories
BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) includes 14 different program categories (or “program types”) for a wide-range of purposes. These programs enable foreign nationals to come to the US to study, teach, conduct research, or demonstrate special skills for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.
BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) provides opportunities for qualified foreign nationals to travel and gain experience in the United States. It includes 14 different exchange programs for a wide-range of program purposes.
The J-1 visa has multiple program types within BridgeUSA in 14 different exchange programs. 13 of the 14 programs are for prospective exchange visitors to choose from (International Visitor is used by the Department of State).

BridgeUSA includes the following exchange programs: Professor, Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Trainee, Intern, College and University Student, Teacher, Secondary School Student, Specialist, Alien Physician, Camp Counselor, Au Pair, and Summer Work Travel. Each program category has different expectations and regulations that must be followed.
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How do I find out my BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) program category?
Refer to section 4 on your Form DS-2019.
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