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Health insurance certificateReturn
The following lists the documents required for each participant before arrival in the US. If applicable, submit in a single PDF file through the applicant’s online account. “EV” stands for “exchange visitors.”
Secure health insurance that equals to or exceeds the amounts as stated in 22 CFR Part 62.14(b) and for the US “entry-to-exit” duration, then submit a copy of your “certificate of insurance or equivalent upon issuance of Form DS-2019. If you plan to confirm your flight itinerary after the visa interview, you may match your coverage period with your program period before the visa interview and update it to match it with your flight itinerary after the visa interview.
What to submit?
Upload a copy of your “certificate of insurance” or equivalent.

When to submit?
After you have been accepted to the program and before your visa interview.

How to purchase (if via TaiAn)?
Step 1 Visit the website
Step 2 Choose either Taian Patriot Exchange, Taian Exchange Select, IMG Patriot Exchange, or IMG Student Health Advantage Standard and Platinum
Step 3 Enter information and coverage period
Step 4 Pay premium using a credit card
Step 5 Receive a confirmation email with links to download the certificate, support letter for the visa interview, insurance ID, brochure, etc.

What to note?
1 Health insurance and travel insurance aren't the same thing. You are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance for added protection.
2 Many health insurance plans (including the listed choices in the TaiAn webpage) do not include dental and vision insurance.
3 Willful failure to comply with the requirements stated in this section will result in medical will result in immediate termination of the J-1/J-2 status.
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