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CCIP Internships in NYC

CCIP Internships in NYC has been FUSIA’s flagship program since 2008.

CCIP provides a holistic experience by combining host placement, visa sponsorship, cross-cultural activities, and more in one platform, all of which take place during the summer (and winter) in NYC.

• Full-placed internship program in NYC
• Run directly by a designated visa sponsor
• Available during summer and winter
• For motivated career-minded individuals with global perspectives

CCIP at a glance

Despite the abundance of summer options, career-minded students who aim for success in a global context continue to give top priority to US internships, specifically the CCIP.

CCIP alumni

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CCIP has an impressive alumni network spanning top global firms and graduate schools, making significant contributions to the global community.

CCIP provided me with valuable experience and exposure which led to coveted internships at other organizations and eventually my career in banking. If you desire an enriching internship in the US, then CCIP is where you will find it.

I felt like I attended multiple internships. I interacted with people from all walks of life. I now understand a lot of different perspectives on things like economics, politics, and people's character.

CCIP offered me great internship experience in the New York City. Employers and jobs were carefully screened. The internship enabled myself to have an in depth understanding of the industry and the practical experience of working independently overseas. The international network and genuine friendship that I gained from the program is invaluable. I strongly recommend CCIP to undergraduates who is looking for internship overseas.

My experience at CCIP was my first internship and the most memorable one. I have made really good friends with some fellow participants. We lived, worked, travelled and experienced the different culture together in New York. We have created strong bonds among ourselves and we still cherish these friendships after many years.

After completing a master's degree in the US and working at Google Hong Kong, I realize how those magical weeks in New York set the tone for my career and allowed me to explore my potential and passions while pushing me to grow beyond boundaries with a respectful attitude.

My positive experience in the USA through CCIP motivated me to pursue my master's degree at Harvard a few years later. Because of CCIP, I developed both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend this opportunity to students seeking an overseas internship.

I really enjoyed the CCIP internship that gives me an opportunity to work on exciting projects impacting the society. Especially the relationship built with coworkers from the program is a life long treasure....

CCIP was a great experience. Through CCIP, I improved my English communications, learned about office etiquette, gained industry experience, and most importantly, jump started my postgraduate and career in the global arena.  

My life has two distinct phases: Pre-CCIP and Post-CCIP. I am still amazed at how much I was able to learn and experience during that short 7 weeks. As a Chemical Engineering undergrad with minimal exposure, the New York experience laid the foundation for my transition to a finance career and greatly contributed to my development as an international business leader. The importance of having a global perspective cannot be overstated and the CCIP pushes you out of your comfort zone in Asia to achieve just that. The experience had...

This experience helped me get the job finally. I think what employers are looking for is quite similar: efficiency, adaptability, and a solution-oriented mindset, which you can definitely cultivate in this great internship opportunity.

My experience at FUSIA has really shaped my career. I not only had the opportunity to learn building web pages and database filtering, but also gained lots of experience on communicating and handling with coworker. Moving forward with the experience I gained through CCIP, I got accepted by University of Washington. Thanks, CCIP!

My experience at Harry's Home Care has really shaped my career. I not only had the opportunity to learn the Medicare/Medicaid system and manage the accounting needs for HHC, but also gained hands on experience dealing with people in North American business settings. Moving forward with the experience I gained through CCIP, I have joined KPMG LLP and Ernst and Young LLP's financial services practice as a senior accountant in Toronto, Canada.

The CCIP offers you not just an intership opportunity in a city where dreams are made of, it positions you for life-long relationships with friends and mentors across various cultures, and provides skills that are applicable to any career path you choose....

I love the way CCIP works on multiple aspects to grow myself holistically. Besides the internship, we were also given opportunities to lead different activities that developed our leadership skills. Thanks CCIP for leaving such a wonderful impact on my university life!

Through CCIP, I learned about communication – an essential factor of success. I've found that communication is an essential factor of success. After CCIP, I realized that without any communication the whole task would be jeopardized easily. Not to mention, I met a lot of friends and expanded my professional network tremendously.

I truly appreciate the openness and equality that are embedded in people's hearts, and I want to promote that in Hong Kong. The endless discoveries and excitement have inspired and transformed me into a bright new person who always strives for a better world.

After years, I can still taste the benefit from what I had learnt during this overseas internship experience. Despite the fact that I am no longer working in business fields, the soft skills that I acquired in this internship have strengthened me as a better person at any disciplines.

This was such a great opportunity. CCIP offered an incredible chance to learn outside of my comfort zone in a setting that reinforced the development of my professional skills. It was a meaningful, enriching time. I enjoyed myself and learned a lot from it, so if you get the chance, make the most of it!...

The opportunity strengthened me by providing interest in my field of work along with lifelong unforgettable memories. Equipped with experiences that I could hardly get without joining, I was pushed to my fullest potential.

My experience at the U.S. Congressional Office with Grace Meng’s team opened up opportunities for me in the years to follow. I managed to assist in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in 2016 and helped organize rallies for President Bill Clinton, and President Obama, as a senior communications fellow under the DNC. I have then moved on to joining Bloomberg as a financial services specialist.

CCIP is fun and enriching – absolutely a highly recommended program. Through CCIP, I learned life skills that are much needed in the working world. Most of all, it boosted my job prospects. After CCIP, I immediately got my first job offer even before graduating from NUS....

The CCIP is the best journey to experience the Big Apple, by building meaningful connections, and living as a local. If you really want to learn about New York City, intern there.

My experience with CCIP and interning in New York is one of the best times of my adult life. Other than getting to immerse in the sights and sounds of the city, and understanding US workplace culture, the network of friends made in the program is something special :) CCIP is definitely more than just a summer internship!

I always felt that I was so lucky to join this program. I met a lot of amazing and nice people, and I learned a lot from them. We shared good times together and experienced the Big Apple together....

CCIP not only benefited my career, but also made me to an all-rounded person. I am always glad that I have such a valuable opportunity to join this program.

The opportunity to intern overseas helped me polish my communication skills. I had to cooperate with staff from all levels, and that gave me a taste of different cultures as I learned from many people. Gaining so many different perspectives better prepared me for the diversity of the global business platform.

Inspiration all came from my internship at Congresswoman Grace Meng’s office. First-hand experience in constituent service, cross-cultural working environment and friendship gained in CCIP have instilled a sense of serving the community in me and paved my way to a people-oriented career.

CCIP allowed me to work with people from all walks of life, to organize activities and to develop a global mind-set. The experience was constructive for my career development and I am working in one of the largest US bank now! If you are ambitious in taking your career to a new level, you cannot miss this chance!

CCIP was a life-changing experience that opened my mind, body and soul to a whole new world. It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and one that I’m still thankful for till this day. The skills I’ve honed through the program are invaluable, and the memories and friendships forged - irreplaceable. EK is the best!...

This internship not only helped strengthen my portfolio to stand out from the crowd, but it also helped me sharpen the direction of my future career and education path. Most of all, it is very different to work in New York than in Hong Kong. New York emphasizes work-life balance. Thus, almost every student “graduated” from the overseas internship as an excellent time manager.

CCIP was a turning point in my life. After working and living in New York for the summer, I decided to move here to pursue my college degree and career. The program equipped me with a solid foundation for my further study and career. When I reflect back, I always appreciate I have attended CCIP....

CCIP came with many obvious benefits, but many are intangible and cannot be expressed in words. I am glad to have joined this program in my final year – I was mature enough to perceive its value and understand how it helped me advance to the next step in my career. I am grateful to EK who went above and beyond her responsibilities to help me land a spot in a sought-after graduate program. Thank you!

The program provides chances to grow as an individual in a community, whether it is leadership, independence or maturing mindsets. The opportunity to explore myself through the experience of a totally new setting. Seeing a whole industry in a different sector from my major, this would expand my understanding of the world.