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After being accepted to a BridgeUSA J-1 Exchange Visitor by a designated sponsor and issued Form DS-2019 and SEVIS ID, prospective exchange visitors will apply for a J-1 visa at a US embassy or consulate (Canadians apply for J-1 status at a US port of entry).
A personal interview is a crucial step for the US Department of State in determining visa eligibility. After being accepted to BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) EVP by FUSIA, prospective J-1 interns should apply for their nonimmigrant visa in the J-1 intern category from a US embassy or consulate abroad. To apply, complete Form DS-160, create a ustraveldocs proifle account, pay the MRV fee and SEVIS fee, then schedule a visa interview appointment.
Preparation. A visa interview requires extensive preparation and practice. While completing Part J of the application panel, participants should get ready for the process.

Step 1 Check out Form DS-160
Step 2 Find out specific directives and wait times for appointments from the embassy or consulate you plan to visit
Step 2 Ensure that the program period takes place at least 1-2 weeks after the earliest appointment available
Step 3 Complete Form DS-160 through the last step (where the SEVIS ID is required to complete the process)
Step 4 Take a qualified photo as per the DOS requirements

Application. After program acceptance and paying the necessary program fee in full, participants will be issued the SEVIS ID and be sent Form DS-2019 (original) via UPS. Complete the visa application process once your SEVIS ID becomes available.

Step 1 Submit the program fee via to confirm the your acceptance of the admission offer (Part L of the application panel)
Step 2 Obtain Form DS-2019 (original) by UPS (Part A of the visa application panel)
Step 3 Complete Form DS-160, generate a Confirmation Page, and upload a copy (Part D of the visa application panel)
Step 4 Upon receipt of your Form DS-2019 (original) from us, check for errors, sign in blue ink, and upload a signed copy
Step 5 Whether your SEVIS fee is paid via FUSIA or on your own, check for errors (if the latter, upload a copy)
Step 6 Register and complete the USTRAVELDOCS profile and pay the MRV fee
step 7 Wait for about 24-48 business hours to activate your 19-digit Virtual Account Number (VAN) after payment
Step 8 Schedule your appointment and submit the interview date

Interview. Prepare for your visa interview and confirm that you have all required documents handy at least three business days prior to your interview appointment. On the interviw day, bring a small plastic folder and bring some cash with you in case your photo needs to be retaken and/or the reciprocity fee is required. If your visa is approved, the officer will retain your passport for a few days.

Step 1 Gather the requird documents and prepare for the interview at least 3 days prior to your interview appointment
Step 2 Schedule an appointment with your program officer for a 10-minute walkthrough
Step 3 On your scheduled interview day, attend the interview appointment with a small plastic folder and documents
Step 4 Temporarily surrender your smart phone at the security checkpoint and be fingerprinted
Step 5 Submit DS-2019 | DS-7002 | DS-160 receipt | SEVIS receipt | passport | photo | appointment letter to Window 1 (or during the OFC appointment for applicants in India)
Step 6 Be seated - you may asked to read through Know Your Rights booklet
Step 7 Attend the interview and present additional documents upon request
Step 8 If approved, confirm the passport delivery arrangements (pick up in person, if possible); if denied, click HERE
Step 9 Notify us the results by clicking the button in Part D of the visa application panel
Step 10 Upon receipt of your passport, immediately check for errors - Check out delivery status
Step 11 Find out whether the two-year rule applies to you