CCIP Internships in NYC > Who is eligible


This section outlines the basic requirements for anyone who wants to join the CCIP program. Refer to the “Eligibility Checklist for Participants” document for additional details.

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CCIP Internships in NYC > Who is eligible

Admission requirements

After being accepted, participants will need to provide proof of the information they have given, such as a financial statement and school transcripts, for verification purposes.


Age 18 or above prior to the program start date who are socially and emotionally mature to live away from parents and intern abroad

English proficiency

Possess verifiable English language skills sufficient to successfully function and navigate life on a day-to-day basis in English-speaking social setting and training environments


Not on academic probation, has no pending disciplinary action, has a CGPA of 2.5+ on a 4.0 scale alongside the study field aligned with the field of internship

J-1 internship

Undergraduates or postgraduates who are currently enrolled full-time in and actively pursuing studies at a foreign ministerially-recognized degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the US or graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to the program begin date

Financial solvency

With permission from parents and sufficient funds to support themselves during the program, including USD 425+ per week and USD 1,500+ readily accessible funds per month for living expenses and emergencies

Good health

Physically and mentally fit to participate in an intern abroad – specifically, have no communicable disease of public health significance and no mentally and physically fit

CCIP Internships in NYC > Who is eligible

Ideal candidates

Ideal candidates meet the admission requirements, possess basic professional competency, a positive attitude, an open mind, and a strong desire to learn and grow.


The ideal candidates for the CCIP program are those who meet the program’s eligibility criteria, such as having their parents' permission and being financially solvent.

Growth mindset

The ideal candidates have a growth mindset, which means they have a long-term focus and are driven to seek out rewards that will benefit them in the future. They are also open to new ideas and growth opportunities.

Culturally fit

The ideal candidates are not just looking for an internship but are also interested in being part of the CCIP community. They value teamwork, leadership

Cultural immersion

The ideal candidates are seeking not only practical skills and knowledge in an American setting but also a cultural immersion experience. They are eager to actively participate in activities and share their experiences with others when they return home.


The ideal candidates for the CCIP program are those who understand and are comfortable with the program's stringent requirements and administrative demands, as it is a U.S. government exchange visitor program that works closely with different schools.

Aligned expectations

The ideal candidates have aligned goals with the CCIP program, which places a strong emphasis on soft and transferable skills such as leadership, communication, analytical thinking, information management, and project management skills.

CCIP Internships in NYC > Who is eligible

I wanna ask...

This section contains crucial information regarding the program application process. Please read it carefully. If you have any additional questions, you can ask them during the 30-minute chat session during the application period or reach out to us through the contact us webpage.