The birth of CCIP internships

During the Northeast's infamous 2003 blackout, Founder Elizabeth Kay came across two interns from Hong Kong who were stranded and needed local support. She heard for the first time about overseas internships from her conversation with them. In a later casual chat with a Hong Kong university principal, she mentioned that she felt sympathy for the girls' situation and could offer help. Intrigued by her diverse background, the principal asked her to take on students for the university.

Since 2003, Elizabeth has taken on interns every summer. In 2008, she formed CCIP Internship in NYC in collaboration with three universities. In 2014, FUSIA became an official J-1 Intern visa sponsor.

Today, CCIP has a strong alumni network with over 1,500 past participants across the globe and works with an impressive number of high-ranking universities across the Asia-Pacific region. We also work with over 20 host organizations across NYC. Together, we share a similar vision of a rigorous, in-depth exchange visitor experience.


CCIP is a stepping-stone for exchange interns to acquire professional skills/knowledge while gaining insight into American culture, values, norms, people, and business practices. It is also a cultural gateway where US host companies and organizations engage with the international community and keep current on global market trends.


Our mission at CCIP is twofold: to provide future-oriented, culturally aware, and globally responsible students with holistic cross-cultural internship experiences, and to work with socially conscious internship hosts in providing internship experiences that promote global understanding. Through this dynamic cross-cultural collaboration, we foster the growth of the exchange interns' global mindset and promote mutually beneficial cultural exchange between the US and citizens of other countries.


CCIP's goal is to expose exchange visitors to internship opportunities that will help them acquire valuable skills and knowledge in an American context that will make them more attractive to international corporations.

CCIP also provides opportunities for internship hosts to engage with energetic, forward-looking young people from overseas. By participating, internship hosts benefit from exposure to exchange interns' different views, ideas, and cultural backgrounds. They can use the insights to gain an edge in today's globalized business world.

In addition, CCIP emphasizes a holistic experience of American life. The program provides many opportunities for exchange interns to not only participate in, but also lead cultural activities. While gaining immersion in American society and experiencing American culture at the ground level, the students also gain leadership experience and learn the skills that will make them contributing members and even drivers of the global economy.


1. Endowing participants with the necessary mindset, skill, knowledge and experience to be contributing members and leaders of the global economy.

2. Encouraging understanding and positive relations between citizens of the United States and the Asia-Pacific region.

3. Collaborating with local citizens, community leaders, and organizations that share a global awareness and mindset and the next generation of global leaders from overseas.

4. Maintaining an intimate, integrated, and interactive program culture that promotes interns' personal and professional growth.

5. Integrating a holistic experience with teamwork, leadership, professionalism, and cultural sensitivity, approaching these goals with both technical mastery and soft skills.