The birth of CCIP internships

During the Northeast's infamous 2003 blackout, Founder Elizabeth Kay came across two interns from Hong Kong who were stranded and needed local support. She heard for the first time about overseas internships from her conversation with them. In a later casual chat with a Hong Kong university principal, she mentioned that she felt sympathy for the girls' situation and could offer help. Intrigued by her diverse background, the principal asked her to take on students for the university.

Since 2003, Elizabeth has taken on interns every summer. In 2008, she formed CCIP Internship in NYC in collaboration with three universities. In 2014, FUSIA became an official J-1 Intern visa sponsor.

Today, CCIP has a strong alumni network with over 1,500 past participants across the globe and works with an impressive number of high-ranking universities across the Asia-Pacific region. We also work with over 20 host organizations across NYC. Together, we share a similar vision of a rigorous, in-depth exchange visitor experience.

Our Vision

We here at FUSIA are committed to building bridges, breaking barriers, and exploring diverse perspectives.