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J-1 intern visa sponsorship

FUSIA J-1 intern visa sponsorship (CCIP-SP) is available to foreign students who have already received their internship placement offers from their prospective host organizations in the United States. We are the only sponsor dedicated to the foreign exchange visitors from Asia.

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Apply > CCIP Internships (BridgeUSA / J-1 visa sponsorship) by FUSIA

Introduction to CCIP Internships (BridgeUSA / J-1 visa sponsorship) by FUSIA

Administered by FUSIA, a sponsor of exchange visitor internships designated by the US Department of State, FUSIA J-1 Internship, aka, the Cross-Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) is to support corporate global internship and co-op for global experience and for foreign college or university students or recent graduates to gain exposure to US culture and receive hands-on experience in US business practices in the US.

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Apply > CCIP Internships (BridgeUSA / J-1 visa sponsorship) by FUSIA

Applying to CCIP Internships (BridgeUSA / J-1 visa sponsorship) by FUSIA

Successful applicants will be issued Form DS-2019, or Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status, that permits a prospective exchange visitor to seek an interview at a US embassy or consulate to obtain a J visa to enter the US.


Getting started

Review our website. Be clear with the program objectives, benefits, and cost estimates associated with joining the program and living in the US and be sure that you meet our program requirements and can provide proof. Once you've decided to join the program, gather supporting documents as some of them may take time and contact us for an initial discussion.

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Identifying desired host

Confirm your internship placement offer with your desired host and invite your prospective supervisors to visit our website. Ensure that it meets the program requirement and is comfortable with J-1 intern program operational guidelines and regulations.


Registering, completing, and submitting applications

Register online accounts (both the intern and all the supervisors) to gain access to the application portals. Once registered, log on to the application portal to complete your application and uploads. Do not sign any forms until we have reviewed your submissions. If a site visit is required, contact us to arrange an appointment. An advance payment of the site visit fee is required.

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Finalizing applications, interviews, and submiting fee

Once both applications are completed, contact us for a preliminary review and comments. Once both applications are finalized, submit the program fee, and request an interview with the intern and all the supervisors. At each interview, we will go over the agreement and training plan with the intern or supervisor and ask questions to ensure that all involved parties are aware of the rules, operational guidelines, and consent to the content of the training plan.


My application is accepted, what's next?

If accepted, we will sign Form DS-7002, issue Form DS-2019, and send the original to the intern via FedEx/UPS. We will also move on to the next stage, applying for a J-1 intern visa at US embassy or consulate that includes filling out Form DS-160, paying the SEVIS fee, scheduling and preparing for an interview appointment, and more.