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BridgeUSA (EVP)

The Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) has 15 different exchange categories focused on education, research, or professional development, and all designed to achieve the foreign policy objective of increasing mutual understanding with other countries.
Each category has its own rules and requirements. If you are interested in participating, first identify the program that aligns with your goals and the requirements you need to meet to join. Then, find a sponsor in your chosen category to administer your program.

• Intern: For current students or recent graduates, up to 12 months
• Trainee: For professionals to receive training in their field, up to 18 months
• Summer Work Travel: Opportunity to work and travel in the US during summer break
• Professor: Teach or conduct research in their academic field
• Research Scholar: Conduct research in their academic field
• Short-Term Scholar: Conduct short-term academic activities
• College and University Student: Study at a US college or university for a limited time
• Teacher: For experienced teachers to teach in primary or secondary schools in the US
• Secondary School Student: For foreign high school students to study in the US
• Specialist: For individuals with specialized knowledge or skills to participate
• Alien Physician: For foreign medical graduates
• Camp Counselor: For individuals to work as camp counselors in US summer camps
• Au Pair: For individuals to live with an American host family and provide child care services
• Government Visitor: For foreign government officials
• International Visitor: Sponsored directly by the Department of State
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