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BridgeUSA (EVP)

J-1 training/internship programs are offered in ten different occupational categories. Pursuant to 22 CFR Part 62.4(h)(7), J-1 interns/trainees must attend a training/internship program that their sponsor is designated to sponsor, and that the program must be related to their academic field and tailored to their skills and experience level.
FUSIA is designated to sponsor the following occupational categories:

• Arts and Culture
• Information Media and Communications
• Management, Business, Commerce, and Finance
• Public Administration and Law
• Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling, and Social Services
• Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations

FUSIA doesn’t sponsor the following categories.

• Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
• Health Related Occupations
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Construction and Building Trades

NOTE: The Exchange Visitor Program, BridgeUSA internships are not for participants to sample or explore new academic or career fields. Each program must be aligned with the participant’s academic studies.