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This section has a variety of information that is useful to know when living in the United States.
Upon arrival in the United States, participants are required to complete the SEVIS validation process within the specified time period. If a program isn’t validated in time, it may result in the cancellation of the J visa/status and program.
Check-in and SEVIS validation. Participants are allowed to make an initial entry into the US up to 30 days before their program start date. Upon their initial arrival in the US, they must notify us and complete the check-in/SEVIS validation process within three days of arrival (if not possible, apply for a three-day buffer) and and attend the Post-Arrival Orientation within 14 days after arrival. Upon successful completion of the validation process, FUSIA will then notify the DHS of the arrival and update the participant’s SEVIS record from “Initial” to “Active.” This process is time sensitive and mandatory for all incoming J visa holders and any dependents. Complete the check-in process within 72 hours (apply for a 72-hour extension if needed).

• After exiting customs, immediately text your FUSIA advisor so that we know of your whereabouts
• Complete the check-in process (see below) within the aforementioned timeframe
• Subscribe to a qualified/uninterrupted cell plan (unlimited talk/text + 10GB+ or unlimited 4G/5G LTE speed) – click HERE
• Download your Form I-94 from, take a photo of your admission stamp, and submit images of both
• Ensure that we have your latest US address (even if it’s subject to change); include the room # (required by SEVIS)
• Wait for a few hours before downloading your Form I-94 for the record to be shown in
• If you find errors in Form I-94, correct them at the Deferred Inspection Office of the airport or online - click HERE for more

Post-arrival orientation. Participants and dependents aged 13 and up are required to attend a post-arrival orientation in which we will review topics covered in the pre-departure orientation, while placing an emphasis on more practical aspects related living and interning in the US. These orientations are typically conducted every Friday evening, except when the orientation is presented to a group of participants from a partner school/organization – in these cases, we try to have more flexible scheduling to accommodate everyone. Each session lasts about an hour. Appointments are required for attendance. Attend the orientation within 14 days after landing.

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