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Exchange visitor (J-1) visa
Form I-515A

Exchange visitors are required to hand carry certain documents and present them to the inspecting CBP officer when entering the US. Form I-515A is issued by the CBP at the port of entry to exchange visitors who lack proper entry documentation, for example, Form DS-2019 (original), Form DS-2019 unendorsed for travel validation (reentry), etc. Participants issued Form I-515A must take immediate action to correct the entry deficiency.

Step 1 Immediately notify and consult with FUSIA
Step 2 If it is left at home, ask a family member to send it to the participant via express mail
Step 3 Submit the required documents to the I-515A Processing Team as per the I-515A directive
Step 4 Once Form I-515A is adjudicated, the team will return the originals to FUSIA
Step 5 Arrange pick up or delivery of Form DS-2019 (original)
Step 6 Submit courier fee (if applicable)

NOTE: Do not send documents to the I-515A Processing Team without first consulting with FUSIA.

NOTE: Failure to respond to the Form I-515A within the initial 30-day deadline will result in the issuance of “Intent to Terminate” letter. Failure to comply with the “Intent to Terminate” letter within 14 days will result in the termination of the nonimmigrant’s SEVIS record and the end of the exchange visitor’s legal status in the US.

NOTE: CBP screening is extensive. Lacking the required documentation when entering the port of entry can result in delays and cumbersome procedures. As such, do not pack your Form DS-2019 in your checked luggage. Be sure to enter/reenter the US with all required documents (originals) and do not depart the US while the program is in effect without obtaining the travel signature.
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