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BridgeUSA Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa) allows FUSIA as a State-Department designated sponsor to bring qualified foreign nationals to intern or be trained in the United States.
Sponsors (also “program sponsors” and “exchange sponsors”) are legal public and private entities designated by the US Department of State to carry out the sponsorship responsibilities of BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) programs, e.g., screening and selecting eligible applicants from other nations, creating, and maintaining SEVIS records, issuing documents for visa application, and monitoring exchange visitors. FUSIA is a designated sponsor in the J-1 intern category.
In carrying out the responsibilities of BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) EVP, the DOS designates public and private entities to act as exchange sponsors.

The Department of State has designated FUSIA as a BridgeUSA program sponsor in the J-1 intern category. As a designated sponsor, we bring qualified foreign nationals to participate in programs that are designed to promote the interchange of persons, knowledge, and skills.

• Maintain records for at least three years as per 22 CFR Part 62.9(g)
• Screen & select foreign nationals to become exchange visitors
• Screen & select hosts to conduct BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) programs
• Appoint officers to work with them
• Issue & sign Form DS-2019 and Form DS-7002
• Create & maintain SEVIS records
• Conduct orientations
• Provide participants with pre-arrival information
• Support & monitor during exchange visitors’ stay in the States
• Promote & facilitate their participation in cross-cultural activities

Is there a fee involved with becoming a BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) intern?
Yes. Designated sponsors generally charge a program administration fee to carry out sponsorship duties and facilitate the entry of qualified foreign nationals into the States. In addition to this fee, there are additional costs involved, e.g., SEVIS fee and nonimmigrant visa MRV fee charged by the State Department.

How much does FUSIA charge for J-1 intern sponsorship?
FUSIA charges each self-placed intern USD 1,500 (preferred schools) or USD 1,750 (individual applicants) for program administration. This fee doesn’t include the I-901 SEVIS and nonimmigrant visa MRV fee charged by the US government. However, we don’t charge an application fee (program fee is due within 14 days upon program acceptance); there is no surcharge for extended programs (same rate up to 12 months) and expedited processing (urgent cases are accommodated as needed).