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Eligibility checklist (participants)PDFReturn
This section/document ( lists the eligibility criteria associated with foreign national(s)’ participation in BridgeUSA (J-Visa) Exchange Visitor Program administered by FUSIA under the name of “the Cross Cultural Internship Program” or “(the) CCIP” as “participant(s)” and “host(s),” respectively. Check each box that corresponds to the statement, and complete applicable field(s), to confirm that you are eligible for the program.
Sufficient funding. Pursuant to 22 CFR Part 62.12(b)(1), participants must have “adequate financial resources to participate in and complete his or her exchange visitor program” and “to support an accompanying spouse and dependents, if any.”

☐ I have a clear understanding of the costs associated with joining (

☐ I have and shall have maintain sufficient finances to comfortably support my living expenses for my entire state in the US; specifically, I shall have a funding of USD 4,500 to cover any initial expenses and keep a reserve of USD 2,000 in my bank account for emergency use throughout my program period.

☐ The combined total funding (indicate the total in USD here ___________) exceeds the combined total expenses (indicate the total in USD here ___________) by ___________ (indicate the difference here, this must be a positive number).