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A winning frame of mind
Going abroad and interning in the US is a rewarding yet challenging experience that requires one to make a great deal of adjustments in their mindset and behavior. This section is meant to provide tips and advice that will help prospective interns adapt to a new work environment.
Going abroad to intern will require new routines and ways of thinking. Prepare for changes with a new frame of mind in order to maximize the benefits of the internship experience.
1 Set realistic expectations. Disappointments arise from gaps between what students expect and what they encounter leading to unsuccessful internship experiences. To minimize disappointments, set flexible objectives and try not to romanticize your expectations before you start your internship. Expect challenges and obstacles that you may encounter and gradually adjust your approach to your work along the way.

2 Cultivate a growth mindset. Interns with a growth mindset are more likely to produce great outcomes at their jobs. People with growth mindsets can reflect on their mistakes and adjust their behavior so that mistakes are not repeated. A person with a growth mindset, for example, may complete a task that was not to their supervisor’s liking. Instead of blaming the circumstances and not learning, this person will look at what they did wrong and change the way a similar task is completed in the future.

3 Step out of your comfort zone. Every internship experience is an exposure to a new and unfamiliar environment. When first starting out, you may have to deal with uncomfortable situations and make adjustments. Do not fear the new environment around you – instead, embrace the unfamiliarity and try out new things. This mentality will help you grow and make your internship experience more fulfilling.

4 Get used to new performance rating systems. In school, students focus on outcomes/final products in order to get good grades. Work environments have rating systems that are different from what one may be used to in school. In these environments, ratings are more qualitative and subjective. How you are rated depends on several factors e.g., first impressions, circumstances, and soft skills.

5 Switch to a professional mindset. In the professional world, it is vital to mature and develop a professional mindset. It is helpful to learn about the aspects of a proper mindset in a work environment by studying the qualities of effective managers/successful leaders. Some of the most important aspects of this mindset include working for the public interest and being able to work in a team. It is also important to have the ability to compromise, find common ground, and manage conflicts amicably (conflict management) with your coworkers.
I wanna ask
How should I start an internship on the right foot?
Prepare for your internship ahead of time – write down any questions for clarification. Be conservative on your first day, i.e., arrive early and dress properly. You want to make a good impression, so be friendly to your colleagues and respond to eye contact with a smile. When appropriate, clarify any questions about company policies and routines.

How should I obtain feedback?
The general practice is to regularly receive feedback so you can reflect and improve. If you want honest feedback, show your willingness to receive negative feedback (otherwise your supervisor may hold back their thoughts). In addition to your supervisor, colleagues can also give feedback. Be sure to ask for feedback in appropriate situations. Less formal environments can work for this (e.g., inviting your supervisor for lunch). In more formal settings, you can ask for more specific feedback (e.g., “What is one thing that I can do to improve?”).