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The following lists the document required for each participant application. Generate the full version with populated data through the user’s online panel.
A valid passport (valid for at least six months) is required for foreign nationals wishing to apply for an exchange visa and admission to the US. Enter the applicant’s biographical information as per their passport, then submit #2 Passport in Part A of the application panel. Ensure that the passport has a six-month validity period after the anticipated program end date.
Step 1 Gather proof. Gather credible proof that allows FUSIA to verify the applicant’s “passport issuing country,” which should match their “country of citizenship” and other biographical information.

• Validity: Ensure that the passport is valid for at least six months after the program – if not, immediately renew it
• Pending passport applications: Applicants may still proceed with their application through Part J
• No passport: In rare cases, some applicants use their government-issued travel document in place of the passport
• Dual nationality: Apply based on their chosen “primary citizenship country”

Note that citizens of some countries, e.g., Australia, are required to pay a reciprocity fee. Dual citizenship passport holders may consider using the passport that doesn’t require paying this fee to apply.

Step 2 Enter information. Log in and complete Part A based on the passport information of the applicant’s “primary citizenship country,” except the “permanent residence country” field. Enter “given names” and “surname” according to the SEVIS and MRZ name standards (the section with names and carets).

• Replace every dash with a white space (“SIU-MING” becomes “SIU MING”)
• Remove every apostrophe (e.g., “O’CONNOR” becomes “OCONNOR”)
• Replace each caret with a space; if the name has more than the MRZ limit of 39 characters, reference the VIZ
• If the applicant only has one name, enter it in under “surname” and leave the given name field empty
• Diacritical markings and punctation are allowed under “preferred name”
• Don’t confuse the “book number” with the “passport number” - only some countries’ passports have book numbers
• Some passports (e.g., Hong Kong SAR) go by the region - Enter “Hong Kong” instead of “China” to the country fields

Step 3 Submit. Take a digital photo of the passport page that displays the applicant’s photo and biographical information. If the applicant has any valid/expired US visas, expired passports, and/or other valid passports, then take a digital copy of each US visa stamp and/or passport biographical page. Upload #2 Passport in PDF format via the application panel. If the file has more than one page, combine all pages in one PDF and order the pages as per the following sequence.

• Biographical passport page (primary citizenship country, valid for at least six months after the program end date)
• Biographical passport page (secondary citizenship country), if available
• Biographical passport page (expired/unexpired passport), if available
• Biographical passport page (expired/unexpired US visa), if available