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Form DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application ( is for temporary travel to the United States. Consular officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to process the visa application and combined with an interview to determine an applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa. Upon program acceptance, complete and submit Form DS-160 online then generate an alpha-numeric barcode confirmation page.
Step 1 Gather information and documents. Form DS-160 requires extensive details about the applicant’s background. Take a quick look at the sample form and gather essential information and documents ahead of time.

• Current and other/expired passports and past travel history
• SEVIS ID and program number
• Parent’s passport names, two local contacts and two contacts in the US
• A photo that meets the DOS’ specifications - use the online tool
• Current and previous secondary/postsecondary education history
• US address Where you plan to reside after landing

Step 2 Complete your application (estimate 90 minutes). Complete online form via the CEAC website - click HERE to enter. If you have dual citizenships, enter based on your “primary passport country” in Part A of your application panel.

• Use Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Safari and Microsoft Edge are not supported
• Reference sample | signature page | instructions | FAQ
• Click “save” & write down your Application ID (time out after 20 minutes)
• You may capitalize every letter or only the first letter of each word

Step 3 Review, edit, sign, and submit proof. At the end of the process, upload applicant’s photo. Any mistakes will jeopardize the timeline of the process of your visa application thus check your answers before you submit your application. Click on the “Confirmation” button to print the confirmation receipt, then upload a copy for our records. If you want another pair of eyes to double check for errors, speak to your FUSIA assigned program officer.

Should I use a third party to complete DS-160 form?
Form DS-160 is straightforward. Exchange visitors who have been through FUSIA’s screening and selection process should find it easy to complete this form on their own.

Do Canadian exchange visitors fill Form DS-160?
Form DS-160 is not applicable to Canadians who will secure their J-1 status at a US port of entry with the MRV fee waived.

Is Form DS-160 required for dependent(s)?
Each nonimmigrant visa applicant, including his/her dependent(s), must have his/her own DS-160 form.

What if there is mistake in Form DS-160?
If you have made a mistake on your DS-160 form, retrieve your old form, edit, and resubmit or complete a new DS-160 form via the CEAC website. In either case, you will get a new confirmation page and application ID. Be sure to align your USTRAVELDOCS profile with your most updated DS-160 application ID and bring the correct confirmation page to the visa interview.