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DS-160 Confirmation Page

$ds160_ek, the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, is required for applying for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa. U.S. embassies and consulates process visa applications by referring to this form, along with an interview, to determine eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa.
What is it for?

- For nonimmigrant U.S. visa application.
- Submitted online after DS-2019 issuance and before scheduling the visa interview.
- Consular officers use this form to determine eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa

How to Submit?

Step 1: Check wait times & confirm which consular post to apply.
Step 2: Read PDF #33 & fill DS-160.
Step 3: Read PDF #28, pay MRV fee & book interview appointment.
Step 4: Click to sign into Panel 03/A3.
Step 5: Enter interview timezone & date/time, then upload #33 & #28.
Step 6: Click to book an interivew prep session**.

**To avoid back-and-forth, discuss with ADMIN before booking your prep session. Make sure it takes place at least 72 hours before your visa interview. Gather all documents and practice per PDF #34 before attending.

What to Note?

1 Once DS-160 is filled for a location, if you decide to change the location, you will need to fill out another form for that location. If the appointment is already scheduled, it would require another nonimmigrant visa application fee and cause delays. Given the difficulty in making changes, decide on the interview location from the start.

2 Note that 1) The interview must be conducted outside the U.S. If you are currently on a J-1 or F-1 program, you must apply outside the U.S. 2) Generally, you would apply in your country of citizenship/permanent residence unless you have valid reasons, like studying abroad, subject to the embassy or consulate’s discretion. 3) Guidelines and interview wait times vary by location, so check them (click HERE) in advance.

3 Participants must arrive in the U.S. before the program start date. Failure to do so will necessitate program amendment fees and may lead to other complications. So, allow extra time for contingencies and unexpected delays to ensure you can arrive before the program start. Post-interview, allow a few days for passport return before making travel plans.

4 Mistakes can delay the visa application process or result in a denial. Carefully complete and check your answers before submitting. If errors are found after submission, retrieve, edit, and resubmit your form or complete a new DS-160, update the confirmation ID via the website, and bring the correct (also bring the old one just in case) confirmation page to the visa interview.

5 If possessing dual citizenship/permanent residence, apply as per your primary passport/LPR choice(s) in Panel 01/A. To prevent loss of data due to session timeout, record your application ID and credentials and regularly click SAVE.

6 Eligible Canadians and Bermudians are typically exempt from visa interview applications at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Instead, they apply for J-1 status and interview at the border. If you are Canadian or Bermudian, check with your respective embassy or consulate for exemption. If yes and you decide to interview at the border, click the lock icons above upload buttons #33 and #29 in Panel 03/B to let us know.
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