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Form DS-2019 (Consular Stamped)

Upon acceptance into the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP, BridgeUSA, or J-1 Visa program), prospective exchange visitors will receive a signed DS-2019.
What to Expect?


Step 1: Secure DS-2019, DS-7002, and I-901 signed by the sponsor and involved parties.
Step 2: Submit the DS-160, pay MRV fee, and schedule an interview appointment at
Step 3: Prepare for visa interview and attend the visa interview at the scheduled time with necessary documentation.
Step 4: Return of the DS-2019 with consular stamp and passport with visa stamp within 2-5 days upon a successful interview.


Step 1: Attend the interview with a plastic folder/small bag, some cash, and required documents (see Page 2)
Step 2: Temporarily surrender the smart phone at the security checkpoint (upon request) then be fingerprinted
Step 3: Submit the mandatory documents (see Page 2)
Step 4: Be seated - you may be handed Know Your Rights to read
Step 5: Attend the interview when called and present supporting documentation upon request.
Step 6: When your name is called, attend the interview and provide the supporting documentation upon request.
Step 7: Submit reciprocity fee and retake the photo upon request.
Step 8: Post a successful visa interview, wait 2 to 5 days for passport return.

How to Submit?

Step 1: Upon initial issuance, check DS-2019 for errors; if correct, sign DS-2019 via Adobe Sign.
Step 2: Complete DS-160, book an interview appointment, and fill Panel 03/B/RHS/6.
Step 3: Print out and bring signed DS-2019 and necessary documents to the appointment.
Step 4: Post interview, fiill out Panel 03/RHS/8 and upload a well-scanned PDF #34.
Step 5: Upon return your passport, check for errors, then scan/upload PDF #35 .
Step 6: Hand-carry your passport and DS-2019 original for initial entry/reentry to the US.

What to Note?

- Beginning in April 2023, DS-2019 forms bearing cryptographic signatures will be accepted.
- Have some cash on hand for potential photo retakes, if applicable.
- Typically, the time indicated on the appointment letter is the time you should arrive, not the interview time.
- Some consular posts have lockers for small bags; generaly no space for laptop
- Guidelines and rules vary by consular posts. Check yours in advance. If discrepancies, your respective consular post prevails.
- Certain consular posts provide lockers for small bags; however, they generally do not have space for laptops.
- Read about Two Year Rule and Know Your Rights. These are almost always asked interview questions.
- Bring a credit card; some posts accept them for locker rentals and reciprocity fee (if applicable)
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