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After a successful visa interview, the US embassy or consulate will return the visa applicant’s passport with a visa stamp - a machine-readable label, affixed to a page inside the passport. With a valid visa stamp J-1, participants may apply for entry to the US at a port of entry during the specified timeframe.
How to submit?
Visa Stamp

After a successful interview, upon return of the passport and Form DS-2019 (stamped) from the US embassy or consulate, immediately inspect the visa and ensure that all information is correct and upload a copy of the visa stamp (a physical stamp and sticker in the passport) via Part D in the Visa Application panel.

Step 1 Inspect the visa inside the passport for errors
Step 2 Upload a copy of it via upload button #35 in Part D of the Visa Application panel
Step 3 Apply for entry to the US at a port of entry within 30 days before the program
Step 4 Present the passport with a valid visa stamp and Form DS-2019 (original) to the inspecting CBP officer
Step 5 The officer will determine the admissibility or deportability

NOTE: Canadians normally do not have a visa stamp as they apply for entry at US borders. Click “Canadian” in Part D of the Visa Application panel.
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