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Proof of Business Registration

Designated sponsors are obligated to conduct thorough screening of third parties they work with in conducting J-1 programs. The process entails gathering information to confirm the legitimacy of hosting entities, supported by credible third-party documents for verification purposes.
Step 1 Enter/Verify Business Registration Information

The following information will be populated to $sevis_ek. Ensure that they are accurate. If not, modify them in Panel 02/A/RHS, then generate this form again until it reflects accurate information.

(1) Legal Name (and Assumed Name, if used) $co_name_ek
(2) Employer Identification Number (EIN) $co_ein_ek
(3) Number of “Fulltime Employees onsite” $co_ft_ek at $co_add_ek $co_ste_ek $co_city_ek $co_st_ek $co_zip_ek
(4) Annual Revenue: $co_rev_ek
(5) Year Founded (or equivalent proof to verify that the company has existed for over a year): $co_history_ek
(6) Website: $co_url_ek
(7) Business Activities (e.g., industry, website): $co_ind_ek

Step 2 Submit Evidence

Upload credible third-party evidence (reference below) via the upload button #81 in Panel 01/A/LHS, displaying above seven pieces of business information.

- Form CP 575, Form 147c, Form W-9 - filled and signed [name and EIN]
- Form 941, Form W-2, or Form W-3 [name, EIN, and headcount]
- Screenshot(s) from the Secretary of State website (e.g., click HERE for NYS hosts)
- Screenshot(s) from reputable credit report/monitor reports and/or government systems (e.g.,,
- Form 1040 - filled and signed [name, EIN, and revenue]
- An audit report, P&L statement, or equivalent [name, EIN, and revenue]
- An official letter provided by a CPA

Step 3 Absence of Evidence

Should credible evidence be unavailable to verify all seven pieces, sign below and attach this signed form to your uploaded file, attesting to the truthfulness and correctness of all information provided.

Supervisor(s): $sign_sup_ek
Host: $co_name_ek
Signature date: $date_sign_ek EST