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Proof of Business Registration & Information

Incoming hosts of exchange participants are required to provide third-party evidence with essential business registration information of the host which allows FUSIA to “adequately screen and vet” them” as per 22 CFR Part 62.22(g)(3).
What to prove?

Prove that the host is a US entity and information (i.e., company name, EIN, number of full-time employees, and annual revenue) appears on Form DS-7002 is correct. Note that 1099 workers do not count as employees.

1 Legal name (and assumed name, if used)
2 Employer Identification Number (EIN)
3 Number of “full-time employees onsite at location” at (primary site)
4 Annual revenue ($)
5 General business information and activities (e.g., industry, website, year founded): specializing in (industry) at (as per Form DS-7002) founded in (year)