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#97Social Security Card
Social Security numbers (SSN) are used by employers to report wages to the federal and state governments for tax purposes. All individuals, including exchange visitors, legally authoried to work in the US are required to obtain a SSN. This document consists of populated data. Generate the PDF via the participant’s online panel to show individualized information.
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Social Security Card

A Social Security card (SSC) provides a lifelong nine-digit identifying number for participants to be paid for a US job and for hosts to record and report wages correctly to the IRS. Participants receiving income should apply for a SSC from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for tax reporting purposes.

Step 1 Read instructions - Click HERE
Step 2 Complete Part D-F of the American Tax Center panel - Click HERE
Step 3 Schedule an appointment online - Click HERE
Step 4 Gather the required documents
Step 5 After your SEVIS record has been activated for at least two days, visit a SSA Card Center to apply for an SSC in person - Click HERE
Step 6 Obtain the SSC by mail - Click HERE to check the application status

NOTE: After SEVIS check-in, it may take up to 10 calendar days before the participant’s record shows up in SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements), a system used by the SSA to verify immigration status of the applicant. If the participant’s record is not found in SAVE, the SSA will wait for another 10 days before attempting to verify the record. If the information is still not showing up in SAVE, the SSA will request special verification of the participant’s status from the DHS’ Immigration Status Verification unit which may take additional time.

NOTE: Participants who do not earn an income in the US do not need to apply for a SSC. Participants who receive non-wage income (e.g., stipend) may apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for tax purposes.
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