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A passport is an important government-issued internationally recognized travel document that verifies an exchange visitor's identity and nationality for the purpose of international travel. Submit a copy of the biographical page of the EV's passport (or travel document) with an expiration date at least six months beyond his/her DS-2019 program period. Ensure that EV's personal information matches his/her passport and is submitted in accordance with the SEVIS and machine-readable name standards. If EV has dual citizenship, enter based on his/her primary country of citizenship.
How to submit?
Step 1 Ensure that the passport is valid at least six months after your program
Step 2 Complete the online panel by referencing the passport (or travel document)
Step 3 Upload a copy of EV's passport and any attachments in one PDF file (click the question mark icon above the upload button for upload specifications; if the file consists of multiple pages, combine all into one PDF file)

What to upload?
- Biographical passport page of EV's primary citizenship country (cover page)
- Biographical passport page of EV's expired passport(s)
- Expired/current US visas
- Biographical passport page of EV's secondary citizenship country (dual citizenship)
Given or surnames (Roman alphabet only and replace each hyphen with a white space)
"O’CONNOR" becomes "OCONNOR"

Passport name (reflect the primary and secondary identifiers as written in the MRZ with each set of carets replaced with a white space)

Preferred name (allows diacritical markings and punctations):

Breakdown of MRZ
1 P< the document is a passport
2 SGP Three-letter country code
3 HONG Primary identifier (the holder’s surname)
4 << Double filler signifies the end of the primary identifier
5 SIU 6 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Means there are no more name components
What to note
Validity. EV's passport must be valid at least a six-month validity beyond the program period

Comply with SEVIS and machine-readable name standards. EV's biographical data is automatically populated to his/her SEVIS record which requires complete consistency with his/her passport information and compliance with SEVIS and machine-readable name standards. Enter your names to FUSIA's online system according to the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) (center) and use the Machine-readable Zone (MRZ) a guide to determine the order and how a name is broken down (note: MRV can only hold up to 39 characters, a name may be truncated to fit).

Dual nationality. If EV has dual nationality, complete all related documents based on his/her listed primary citizenship country (EV will be asked to enter other citizenship countries when completing Form DS-160). Note that citizens of some countries, e.g., Australia and Austria, are required to pay a reciprocity fee, in addition to the nonimmigrant visa application fee, after their application is approved.

Special rules for Hong Kong and Macau applicants. Hong Kong SAR passport holders and Macau SAR passport holders enter the "region" (i.e., Hong Kong or Macau) instead of the "country." Enter "China" only if EV is a PRC passport holder.

One name rule. If EV only has one name, enter it in the surname field and leave the given name field empty.

Regular passport vs e-passport. A biometric passport or e-passport is a special type of passport (with a unique symbol on the passport cover) embedded electronic chip that holds biometric information about the passport owner. For now, it is required for Visa Waiver Program (VWP) travelers but not for exchange visitors.

Passport number is different from passbook number. Don't confuse "passport number" with "passport book number" (inventory control number). Whether EV's passport has a book number depends on the country of issuance, e.g., China (RHS next to the photo), Mexico (old version, bottom of page 1), Malaysia (old version), Pakistan (bottom of the page 1), and Canada (next to the bar code).
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