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Start your internship journey in NYC

The CCIP summer internship program provides a unique and exciting opportunity for young professionals to advance their careers in one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic cities: NYC.


What makes NYC amazing

Known for its bustling commerce, rich culture, and endless opportunities, New York is the perfect setting for the CCIP program to help interns reach new heights in their professional development.

City of excitement

NYC is a hub of activity, with a lively street life and proximity to iconic landmarks. From Manhattan's bustling streets to nearby destinations like DC and Boston, there's always something new to discover. The city's legendary nightlife adds to the excitement, making NYC truly unforgettable.

Financial powerhouse

NYC is a leading financial center, with major institutions and stock exchanges. This dynamic business environment offers ample opportunities for finance and banking professionals. The city's global reach and innovative spirit make it a hub of financial activity and growth.

Cultural mosaic

NYC is a diverse city, with a mix of cultures and communities. This cultural richness provides opportunities for growth and learning, with residents experiencing different traditions and customs. From Chinatown's bustling streets to Harlem’s vibrant neighborhoods, NYC is a hub of cultural exchange.

CCIP Internships in NYC

Where to reside

Participants will be accommodated at the Asiatic Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel located in Flushing, Queens. This neighborhood is well-known for its high concentration of Asian residents and provides excellent accessibility and convenient amenities.

• Double standard room type
• Each room has two beds for double occupancy
• Complimentary breakfast
• Basic housekeeping service and amenities

Home away from home

Located in “Asian Manhattan,” the hotel provides the perfect environment for Asian students to adjust to a new culture and beat homesickness

Affordable stays

Finding a place to stay in NYC can be a challenge due to high costs, but the hotel provides an excellent value that one can't resist


Parents can rest easy with the added safety of being located just one block from both a fire station and a police station


The area offers a wealth of shopping, dining, medical options, a convenient subway system, and more, providing top-notch accessibility and convenience