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The NYEP is aimed at postsecondary level students enthusiastic about exploring the diverse array of industries and intricacies of New York City.

Ideal candidates are enrolled in the partner university at that time, fulfilling specific university requirements.

Essential qualities include a willingness to absorb new perspectives and an eagerness to discover the diverse aspects of NYC’s industrial and urban landscape.

Programs > New York Exploration Program

Admission requirements

Each NYEP collaborates with a different university, and the eligibility criteria vary based on the university we partner with. Here are the overarching requirements.

General Requirements

Be at least 18 years old before the program start date and show evidence of social and emotional maturity to attend a short-term program abroad.

English Proficiency

Possess the necessary English language proficiency to listen and answer questions and navigate effectively in English-speaking environments.

Academic Enrollment

Maintain active enrollment and uphold a positive image of the partner university they represent.


Demonstrate an open mind to accept new ideas, a keen interest in diverse industries and topics, an appreciation for diverse American cultures, the ability to engage in critical thinking, and a desire to learn from new experiences.

US Visa Requirements

Maintain a valid passport, with no history of visa rejections or issues that could adversely affect a B-2 visa application.

University Rules

Adhere to the particular requirements outlined by their university.