Programs > BridgeUSA-FUSIA’s J-1 Internships & STEM Initiatives

How to Apply?

Foreign nationals may intern in the US through participation in the J-1 Internship, one of the 15 categories of the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP or BridgeUSA). This program offers eligible foreign nationals the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and gain work experience in the United States.

To participate in a J-1 Internship program, you must go through a designated J-1 sponsor organization. FUSIA is a designated sponsor for the J-1 Internship program and the STEM Initiatives.

We are authorized to sponsor exchange internship programs in Arts and Culture, Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling, Social Services, Information Media and Communications, Management, Business, Commerce, Finance, Public Administration, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations.

Programs > BridgeUSA-FUSIA’s J-1 Internships & STEM Initiatives


To apply for J-1 internship sponsorship by FUSIA, prospective J-1 interns must complete Panel 01 A-F, and hosts must complete Panel 02 A-E, followed by an interview, document signing, and fee payment.

Programs > BridgeUSA-FUSIA’s J-1 Internships & STEM Initiatives

What to Note?

Below, we highlight key notions relevant to your participation in the J-1 internship sponsored by FUSIA. Confirm your understanding before both you and your host submit your application with us.