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The CCIP-NYC collaborates with a variety of US hosts and partner schools, all sharing a commitment to nurturing the next generation of global professionals and promoting positive relations and mutual understanding between the US and their origin.

Ideal candidates for CCIP-NYC: Foreign nationals currently enrolled or recent graduates from full-time post-secondary institutions, eager for immersive internship experiences and ready to align their goals with program objectives.

Ideal hosts for CCIP-NYC: NY/NJ-based US companies or organizations with conducive environments, necessary resources, and trained staff onsite to offer structured, guided on-the-job training for J-1 interns.

Refer a friend to join and you both receive a USD250 discount!

DISCLAIMER: Both participants must be from the 2024 summer session. One referrer can refer more than one referee, but each referee can only be claimed by one referrer. Valid proof demonstrating that the referee joined due to the referrer is required. Application is due before paying the second installment. The discount will be deducted from the second installment. Other conditions may apply.

Programs > CCIP Internships in NYC

Admission Requirements

CCIP NYC welcomes eligible foreign nationals and US hosts with aligned goals to apply. See below for highlighted program rules and visit for host-specific internship criteria.

Programs > CCIP Internships in NYC

I Wanna Ask

This section features questions and answers about eligibility. Please read through carefully to ensure you meet all the requirements.