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- Community liaison internships at various US legislators’ district offices.
- Business Operation and Marketing at Calligaris NYC (entrepreneurship).
- Startup Ecosystem at Tech Incubator at Queens College (all majors).
- Media or design internship at Admerasia (ad agency).
- Fiscal or Outreach internships at Hamilton Madison House (NGO since 1898).
- Surveying, Data Analytics and Community Engagement (Chinatown BID/Partnership).

Plus, Member engagement with Jamaica YMCA, marketing internships with NYC Children's Theater (Broadway) and SOVAS (voice art). Most hosts are repeat joiners. See Photo Gallery .

Participants may integrate their experience with a community bank for a few days.
Successful 2024 summer interns may receive a NYS government-issued certificate.
Refer a friend to the 2024 summer program, and you both get a USD 250 discount.

Refer a friend to join and you both receive a USD250 discount!

How to Apply? To apply, visit our website and confirm financial affordability. Identify a few internship hosts, obtain permission from a parent, then register an account at Log in, complete sections A-D, and schedule an interview.

CCIP NYC Internships

Full-time, onsite, and unpaid structured, guided J-1 internships offer professional experience and cultural exchange. Community engagement, soft/transferable skills, and networking play a key role in all CCIP NYC internships.


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Programs > CCIP Internships in NYC

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This section provides frequently asked questions and answers about host and session selection. Review carefully and consult your parents prior to enrollment.