Programs > CCIP Internships in NYC

How to Apply?

The CCIP NYC application process is straightforward. To begin, carefully review the relevant information and ensure you meet eligibility requirements , especially concerning financial aspects . Check our Host Roster and have at least a few host choices in mind. Also, availability for at least one of the sessions and obtain parental permission.

To begin, register an account , log in, complete parts A-D, and schedule an interview. Upon acceptance, you will be nominated to CCIP NYC. You will secure your host and session choices by submitting the first installment.

Programs > CCIP Internships in NYC


Remember to obtain parental permission before applying.

01 Confirm Readiness

Confirm eligibility , financial readiness , and select potential hosts . Ensure availability during one of the sessions and obtain parental approval.

02 Apply & Interview

Create an account , log in to panel 00, and complete Parts A to D. Schedule an interview online and attend. Upload proof of attendance.

03 Secure Nomination

Upon passing, you will be nominated to CCIP NYC. Pay the first installment within 72 hours to confirm and secure your opted-in host and session choices.

04 Finalize Host

You will be invited to Panel 01 to complete fields and create a CCIP resume. Attend host interviews and finalize your host and session selection.

05 Obtain DS-2019

Upon receiving the second installment, DS-7002 form (training plan) and DS-2019 form (for US visa interview and entry) will be signed and issued.

06 Obtain Visa

Apply for J-1 intern visa at the embassy or consulate nearby by presenting Form DS-7002, DS-2019, valid passport, financial documents, etc.

07 Identify Roommate

After successfully passing the visa interview, identify a roommate, secure housing, and then pay the third installment accordingly.

08 Prepare Departure

Attend pre-departure briefing to discuss such as program expectations, cultural sensitivity, safety tips, local laws, and customs, among others.