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Form DS-7002 (Raw)

Form DS-7002, Training/Internship Placement Plan (the "T/IPP" or "training plan"), is a controlled document of the DOS. It is used with a J-1 intern/trainee under 22 CFR Part 62.22 or a Student Intern under 22 CFR Part 62.23 respectively. It defines the agreed-upon program objectives, outlines the proposed program and exchange activities, and provides details on how the program will be supervised, what the participant to do, what skills to learn, how the performance to be measured, and so on to ensure that the program is a bona fide training (for trainees) or work-based learning (for interns).
Form DS-7002 (Raw)

Who to complete? The training plan is completed by the listed supervisors as per CFR 22 Part 62.22(h)(1) and intern/trainee CFR 22 Part 62.22(i) before issuing Form DS-2019.

Where to access? Each Form DS-7002 corresponds to an individual participant’s training plan which is accessible via both the participant’s and host’s FUSIA online accounts. Hosts may access their participants’ panels through Part D of the Host Application panel.

How to complete? To get started, complete the fillable fields online via the Form DS-7002 online panel, then click the file icon above upload buttons #21, #22, or #23 to generate the physical PDFs for signing. Updates of the disabled fields can be made via the panel where data was originally captured.

Step 1 Read the instructions - Click HERE
Step 2 Obtain a word file with sample copy from FUSIA
Step 3 Write a training plan for each participant
Step 4 Share the word file with FUSIA for comments, then add contents to the panel (Part D)
Step 5 Upload Form DS-7002 (Raw) (with each phase’s last page signed by the PPS) via upload button #21
Step 6 Download a copy of Form DS-7002 (Raw) signed by all parties via button #23 (after program acceptance)

NOTE: The PDF template is 5 pages long and has 4 sections. Pages 3-5 get repeated for each additional phase. Each phase spans about 3 months. A one-phase program would have 5 pages; a two-phase program would have 8 pages - Click HERE.
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