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#21Form DS-7002, Training/Internship Placement PlanPDFReturnURL
The following lists the document required for each participant application. Generate the full version with populated data through the user’s online panel.
The Form DS-7002, Training/Internship Placement Plan (the “T/IPP” or “training plan”), is a controlled document of the DOS. It defines the agreed-upon program objectives, outlines the proposed program and exchange activities, and provides details on how the program will be supervised, what the participant to do, what skills to learn, how the performance to be measured, and so on to ensure that the program is a bona fide training (for trainees) or work-based learning (for interns).
Who to complete. The training plan is completed by the MPS and PPS(s) via the Form DS-7002 online panel. Each Form DS-7002 corresponds to an individual participant’s training plan which is accessible via both the participant’s and host’s FUSIA online accounts. Hosts may access their participants’ panels through Part D of the Host Application panel.

How to complete. To get started, complete the fillable fields online via the Form DS-7002 online panel, then click the file icon above upload buttons #21, #22, or #23 to generate the physical PDF for signing. Note that some of the fields are disabled with data populated from other panels. Updates of those fields can be made via the panel where data was originally captured. Hosts may obtain a word template with samples from us. Draft using the word template and have it reviewed by us before entering the data into the panel.

Step 1 Download and read through the instructions (this document), obtain a word template from FUSIA, and write a training plan for each participant

Step 2 Upon review and approval of the training plan(s) in the word templates, fill the content to each participant’s Form DS-7002 panel (access via Part D of the Host Application panel

Step 3 After the final interview/wrap up session, upload the Form DS-7002 (with each phase’s last page signed by the PPS) via upload button #21 of each participant’s Form DS-7002 panel

Step 4 Download a copy of the finalized document signed by all parties for the host’s record via button #23 of each participant’s Form DS-7002 panel

The DOS has specific requirements on the proposed J-1 internship/training activities and rules and criteria to follow when completing Form DS-7002. The following and the next page highlight some of them.

Correct and up to date. Our online system is in sync with the DHS’s SEVIS which requires complete accuracy and current information. Any changes to contents of the training plan requires initiation and completion of the amendment process at least 72 hours prior to changes taking place (or immediately for unexpected changes), in addition to additional form reissuance fees. Significant changes are not encouraged; if permitted, may incur additional processing fees.

Complete. As examples, don’t miss out the “suite/floor” of an address and “extension” of a phone number if such information is available. If the floor/suite isn’t clear (e.g., the address refers to a building owned by the host), enter the most probable location (e.g., the participant’s workstation) where program activities are conducted. If the program takes place on the ground floor without a specific “suite/floor” information, enter “G/F.”

Descriptive and specific. Cite examples and/or list points to support any answers (e.g., instead of saying “the supervisor is experienced,” explain how experienced they are, and instead of saying “acquiring necessary computer knowledge,” list out the software that the participant will be involved with).