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Participant Application

The Participant Application provides comprehensive details regarding eligibility criteria, personalized information, program administration, guidelines, rules, and regulations, etc. for foreign nationals participating in the BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) Exchange Visitor Programadministered by FUSIA, a Department of State designated program sponsor. By signing this document, (#) (applicant, participant or EV) confirms their eligibility, verifies the accuracy of the provided information, and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions outlined herein.
A Acknowledgement - The Exchange Visitor Program
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The following provides crucial information regarding US entities hosting foreign interns and foreign individuals interning in the US as exchange interns through the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) under the US Department of State (DOS), along with the general rules governing their participation.

1 The Exchange Visitor Program and exchange visitors. The Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) is a diplomacy initiative administered by the DOS’s Office of Exchange Coordination and Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). It provides eligible foreign nationals with valuable opportunities to explore educational and cultural experiences in the US. The EVP is also known as BridgeUSA or the J-1 Visa Program. The terms BridgeUSA, J-1, J-1 program(s), BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) EVP, BridgeUSA (J-1 visa) Exchange Visitor Program, EVP program(s), and Exchange Visitor Program EVP will be used interchangeably in our communications. Check out

2 Exchange visitors (EVs). Exchange visitors (EVs) are foreign individuals who are approved to partake in predefined activities in a specific J-1 type (e.g., J-1 interns are approved to gain hands-on experience in their chosen occupational fields and aligning with their academic concentration). The terms “participant(s),” “exchange visitor(s),” “exchange intern(s)/trainee(s),” “J-1(s),” and “J-1 intern(s)/trainee(s)” are used interchangeably throughout our communications.

3 Designated sponsors and program officers. Designated sponsors refer to US entities appointed by the US Department of State to accept eligible foreign nationals into the EVP and administer the implementation of EVP programs. As per 22 CFR Part 62.2, designated sponsors may collaborate with third parties, including foreign agents for participant recruitment or US entities for program implementation through written agreements. Designated sponsor-assigned employees, including Responsible Officers (ROs) and Alternate Responsible Officers (AROs), are responsible for overseeing the exchange program, managing the SEVIS system, issuing/signing DS-7002 forms, and providing daily assistance to hosts and participants. Click HERE.

4 Hosts and supervisors. Certain work-based exchange programs, such as internships, involve the engagement of hosts, host companies, or host organizations for program implementation. In these programs, designated sponsors can choose to serve as hosts and independently carry out exchange programs or collaborate with eligible third parties through written agreements, as stipulated by 22 CFR Part 62.2. Each program/participant is assigned a Main Program Supervisor (MPS) and one or more Primary Phase Supervisor(s) (PPS), who are host employees collaborating with program officers to implement exchange programs. MPS acts as the primary liaison between the sponsor, host, and other involved employees, while the PPS(s) provide daily onsite supervision and support to interns in their respective fields of expertise. If they meet the necessary criteria, MPS can also serve as PPS. Click HERE.